PADEL TENNIS – Bishops Park

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    PADEL TENNIS – Bishops Park

    Padel tennis has arrived at Rocks Lane Bishops Park!

    At Rocks Lane we are passionate about all things tennis, and are excited to bring Padel tennis to our Bishops Park Centre.

    Padel is rapidly growing in popularity throughout the UK; and in Spain alone this new sport has taken over the game of tennis with approximately 10 million keen Spaniards playing the game! What makes Padel so popular is that it's still similar to tennis in that it uses traditional balls, and the same scoring methods; but the stringless paddle style racket, smaller walled court, and under arm serve lend the game to long and highly dynamic rallies. Although it can be played as a singles game, it’s typically played as doubles, so it’s incredibly sociable too. With these addictive qualities, it’s no wonder it’s the fastest growing sport in the world! All the top tennis players including Nadal, Djokovic and our very own Murray brothers are all keen Padel players. With currently few opportunities to play the game in the UK we are pleased to be able to offer Padel Tennis at Rocks Lane Bishops Park.

    Come down and try it for yourself, our court is available to both juniors and adults and we will be offering coaching alongside tournaments and a new league.


    At Bishops Park we run a number of social events, competitions and coaching opportunities for all ages and abilities. Please read below for links to activities of interest to you:

    Court Hire: Pay and Play, Special Discounts for Members
    - simply call us to book: 0207 736 3854 or email:

    Junior Coaching - from 5 years to 18 years, we offer a range of group and individual coaching with our 3 resident padel coaches.

    Adult Coaching - group coaching for Beginners, Intermediate and Private groups or individually.

    Competitions - including leagues, tournaments and inter-club matches.



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