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Rocks Lane developing sport for the local community

Rocks Lane Multi Sports Centre is built on three essential ingredients Play, Learn and Compete.

This has proven very successful in increasing sporting participation at a time of health concerns due to lack of exercise amongst the young. Rocks Lane is looking to build on the 10,000 people that use our centres on a weekly basis and provide year round sporting facilities that will be available in all weather conditions.

We are seeking planning permission for a sports dome at Rocks Lane, Barnes. The new sports dome will allow Rocks Lane to offer year-round tennis, netball, football, hockey, cricket and much needed school sports use. The new covered space will offer sporting opportunities from October through to March every year, guaranteeing sport for all.

There are lots of private, exclusive and expensive indoor sports facilities in South West London. The Rocks Lane Sports Dome will be unique in providing accessible and affordable indoor public sports facilities that are sadly lacking in this area.

We are very aware of the delicate balance between our natural surroundings and the health of the nation. Therefore, our Sports Dome will be positioned at the far end of the site on our large multi sports area, and have an opaque green cover to prevent light pollution and blend in with the surrounding landscape. Following consultations, we believe that this will result in little visual impact and no negative impact on Barnes Common wildlife.

If you feel that you can support our Sports Dome project please fill in your details and any comments on the form below. Rocks Lane Multi Sports Centre will share the information you provide on this form with the London Borough of Richmond’s Planning Department and to provide you with updates regarding the proposed Sports Dome via the Rocks Lane email newsletter. Please click the box below to confirm you are happy for your data to be used in this way.

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Chris Warren, Liz Bolton, Helene Dann and all the team at Barnes.

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